Another year, another fun-filled Notting Hill Carnival and thankfully the rain behaved itself and only caused the same lame momentary disruption as a Pink look-a-like might do at X Factor auditions. Yep, the show must go on!

We headed down with our camera yesterday to get a few good snaps of Carnival revellers. We were adamant we’d make the day about you and not the celebs, although we couldn’t help taking this picture of a very low-key Coree Richards chillaxing in Meanwhile Gardens.

Meanwhile, take a look at the handful of snaps below and then head over to our Notting Hill Carnival 2012 gallery on Facebook where you can tag yourself and your friends. You can also leave comments on who you think was the best dressed and who needs to take some more What Not to Wear lessons.

Did you go to Notting Hill Carnival this year? Got any great pictures you would like to share?

If so you can send them to us using our Send Stuff page and we’ll add the best ones to our Facebook where you can tag friends and let everyone know what you were wearing, what floats you followed, how much Red Stripe you drank and generally how much of a show off you were.

You can also view our full Notting Hill Carnival 2012 gallery on Facebook and tag yourself and friends.