After all his naughty behaviour on Twitter, Professor Green is finally doing a good deed. The At Your Inconvenience rapper is backing a campaign by Network Rail called ‘Lose Your Headphones’, which is trying to stop people from using headphones at level crossings.

Two people are said to have died this year after using headphones and missing warnings of approaching trains, with 19  incidents overall, where pedestrians, joggers or cyclists wearing headphones have crossed the railway, seemingly oblivious to an approaching train. The talented star doesn’t want his music to be the cause of someone’s death saying:

I don’t want anyone to end up on the tracks listening to one of mine

Which, might we add, is a line only a lyrical genius could have thought of. The east Londoner also added that he wants people to stop listening to his music:

I never imagined asking people to stop listening to my music but this is about staying safe so, just for a minute, I want them to stop.

Well it’s nice to see Pro Green in the headlines for something other than his Twitter rants or showing off his missus, and we’re happy he’s doing his bit. The campaign will be promoted on social media sites, with the rapper featuring in a video which will appear on Spotify.