Rita Ora has chosen to step out in some very questionable outfits in the past, like the time she wore pyjamas on stage while performing at the Hackney Weekender or the number of times she’s worn, what could be considered as lingerie during her gigs.

But her most recent outfit has left us very confused. The R.I.P singer was on her way to record for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Friday wearing an ugly, furry thing, disguised as a jacket, which bore a resemblance to Sully from Monsters’ Inc.

Rita Ora has been swagger jacking from Sully

Now not only is her outfit an eyesore, but Friday was apparently one of the hottest days since the start of the Olympics, so we don’t know where she’s going in that coat.

Rita did wear some killer Louboutin boots, but they weren’t enough to distract us from the disaster on her back she seemed so proud of.

Pappzd verdict: Hang the Stylist