rita ora 2012

If we were friends with Jay-Z we probably wouldn’t let our mums or dads anywhere near him. Imagine how embarrassing it would be having your parents trying to talk to the hip hop mogul about his music!

Well unfortunately for Rita Ora, this is exactly what happened when her mum first met her Roc Nation mentor.

The Hot Right Now singer told the Daily Star,

My mum is so embarrassing around Jay-Z and Beyonce, She starts talking about when I was a baby and my nappy rashes!

When they first met, my mum said to Jay, ‘Are you the one who sang you’ve got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one?’ He said, ‘Yeah’, and my mum goes, ‘You’ve got the baddest bitch’, and points at Beyonce. After that it was, ‘See ya later Rita’ and it was all about my mum and Jay.

Although we understand the nappy rash story must have been pretty cringeworthy, we have to admit that Mrs Ora has definitely got her facts right when referring to Beyonce.

Now if only we could get our mums to understand how amazing Beyonce is too.