Shingai Shoniwa X Factor snub

It seems nearly everyone has a problem with the X Factor these days.

If you’re not One Direction, Cher Lloyd or Leona Lewis you’re more than likely going to hold some kind of hate towards the money making machine that takes average singing nobodies off their karaoke machines and turns them into worldwide superstars overnight.

The latest musician to have a go at the talent show is lead singer of the Noisettes, Shingai Shoniwa. The charismatic front woman told Yahoo! that she felt the success of the X Factor had left little room for creativity in the Top 40. She explained:

I don’t think it has much of a positive effect on the landscape of the charts… If you have less and less room to foster the talent of people whose first concern is music and creativity then we are not going to have a creative industry anymore.

Putting aside creativity in the industry for a quick second, Shingai did admit that she wouldn’t turn down the chance to perform on the show in a hope to educate people and admitted “a gig’s a gig”. *Side eye*

She continued:

It might inspire somebody who is on that show who probably doesn’t even know what a band is or what goes into a band

Right… So the prospect of plugging your newest single to eight million people hasn’t persuaded your decision a little bit, no?

If you say so Shingai, if you say so.