Girlband Stooshe have probably made a few people angry with their latest statement. The trio have revealed that they’re happy they didn’t use the X-Factor method to achieve fame, and instead worked hard for their success not like those reality stars that ‘forced it into peoples’ faces’. Karis Anderson told the Metro:

I think it’s so much more rewarding when you know you’ve worked off your own back, rather than being thrown into everyone’s faces.

We’ve come out of south London and worked hard, wrote our songs on the album and had fun with it, and kind of let it grow organically without forcing it into people’s faces.

That may not be what previous X Factor contestants such as Alexandra Burke and JLS want to hear, and we’re sure they also feel as if they worked hard for their top 10 hits.

The girl group recently got to no.3 on the UK charts with their song Black Heart, but with only two singles actually released, our advice would probably be for the girls to wait a bit before questioning how other people got their success, they’ve still got a long way to go.