Tulisa has revealed that she would be happy to go on a date with 50 Cent after he praised her for staying strong after the whole sex tape scandal.

The X Factor judge spoke to Bliss magazine about the surprise of having a mega star such as 50 Cent support her:

It was quite a shock. 50’s someone I grew up listening to. He’s a big star in my eyes so it was definitely very complimentary. I don’t know if he was necessarily crushing on me – he said going for dinner, but he could mean that as a musician that he respects and wouldn’t mind working with me.

We’re not sure if he was ‘crushing’ on you Tulisa, but then again he did just see you with a sexual organ in your mouth. And making music with you was probably the last thing on his mind.

She added that she would love to get him in the studio as well as join him for dinner adding:

I’m really grateful after the year I’ve had that someone so big would speak out in the media and support me. But I’d definitely do dinner with him and I’d love to work with him.

Great. Another possible Tulisa collaboration with a gangster rapper.