Tulisa shows us how big her boyfriend’s balls should be

When Tulisa split from Fazer in January, we thought she would never find anyone to take his place. Then she dated Jack O’Connell for a relationship slightly longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Humphries, but short lived nonetheless.

Now Tulisa knows exactly what she wants and has slammed the rumours that she is a needy bunny boiler. She told the Sun:

There were stories doing the rounds that implied I was ‘needy’ in relationships. Me? Needy? Never! I’m an independent lady — I don’t chase after guys and constantly call/text them. To suggest I’m a bunny boiler was really insulting as I’m the total opposite.

She also shared what traits she looks for in a man adding:

I want a man who has a massive pair of balls — not physically but mentally! He needs to have bigger balls than me without feeling the need to prove that he has bigger balls. It’s important that he accepts that I have balls too.

Not a very sexy image Tulisa!