It seems everyone is upset with Tulisa’s dramatic return to her blonde locks. And the people who are most pissed off, are X Factor bosses who have asked the former N-Dubz star to get rid  of her blonde hair and return to being a brunette.

The show’s producers are annoyed as Tulisa changed her hair colour right in the middle of X-Factor auditions, which will make it look slightly silly if halfway through the TV show, she suddenly becomes a blonde.

Tulisa is said to be kicking up a fuss, and we’re not too sure why to be honest. If anything, this has given her a perfect opportunity to correct the terrible mistake she made by going back to being blonde in the first place. A source is quoted as saying that Tulisa’s hair change is proving a disaster, and we definitely agree.

For the sake of continuity and more importantly, for all our sakes, we’re pleading with Tulisa to see sense. And a hairdresser. Asap!