Ashley works as a Tulisa lookalike

When your job title is ‘Tulisa Look-A-Like’, you shouldn’t really get offended when people fail to take you seriously. Nevertheless Ashley Whitelaw was left disappointed when X Factor judges sent her away after her audition in Glasgow.

The 19-year-old sang Tulisa’s Young at the auditions, and the former N-Dubz singer obviously in shock, invited Ashley to sit on the panel for pictures. However looking like the nation’s favourite chav was not enough to get her through, as all the judges, except for Tulisa, gave her a no.

Tulisa as a brunette

Ashley is furious with the show’s producers and insists that they strung her along, telling her how to behave and ultimately setting her up to be embarrassed in front of everyone.

She said:

I’m raging they made me sing that song. They made it look like I was just there for her. I have a decent voice but they were only interested because I looked like Tulisa. They wanted a reaction.

But don’t feel too sad for Ashley, she works full time as a Tulisa lookalike so her days are probably jam packed with glamorous activities such as throwing up gang signs, going shopping for tracksuits and googling pictures of vomit to match against hair dyes.