Looks like someone told Tulisa about Louis Walsh calling her a ‘chav in a tracksuit’ and she’s having none of it. The singer had a few things to get off her chest when she spoke to Bliss magazine, about her fellow X-Factor judge.

Tulisa defended her right to be a judge on the show, even though she may not have been in the music biz as long as Louis has. She also added in a sly dig at the 60 year old, who used to manage the band Westlife saying:

When was Westlife’s last number one? Because mine was a couple of weeks ago. Ha! Don’t give me all that ‘selling millions of records’ rubbish. Because how long ago was that?

Seems like the claws are out, and we can’t wait for the cat fights in the new season of X-Factor, we’ll be sat in front of the TV with the popcorn ready.