Tulisa has been called many things in her life by fans and foes alike. And now we can add ‘The Beautiful Pig’ to ‘the Nation’s Favourite Chav’, ‘Tulisa Myhairlookslikevomit Contostavlos’ and all the other nicknames the X Factor judge has.

The former N-Dubz singer revealed that she isn’t very giving when it comes to her food and this attitude has led to friends giving her a lovely nickname – the beautiful pig.

Now it reminds us more of the kind of thing little kids teased each other with in primary school than a nickname your mate gives you, but Tulisa seems to be alright with it. She said

Eyes bigger than my belly, massive portions. I could probably sit here for like, three hours going through one meal and I won’t finish until it’s all done.

Tulisa also recently revealed that she would have been a drug dealer’s girlfriend had she not achieved fame with N-Dubz. Speaking to Times Magazine, she said:

I can imagine just having a baby because there is nothing else to do. Living with a drug dealer in a council flat.

So basically if she wasn’t famous she would have been an overweight, possible drug mule living in a council estate. Nice