Usain Bolt is not only the fastest man in the world, but also the luckiest as the Jamaican sprinter was spotted with three hot swedes after winning the 100m final with an Olympic Record time of 9.63 seconds.

The three girls are Jamina Roberts, Ulrika Agren and Isabella Gullden, who apparently spent an hour-and-a-half in Bolt’s room, looking at Facebook and posing for photographs. Because that’s what you do when you’re alone with the fastest man in the world *side eye*.

Oh and they can do a lot more interesting things with their hands than throw up gang signs, they are Hand Ball athletes after all.

Bolt came first place with his training partner Yohan Blake coming in second place. And as well as celebrating his Olympic victory, Bolt probably had a drink or two to celebrate Jamaica’s 50 years of independence.