When will Grime’s biggest stars finally put their differences behind them and reunite? Well proabably not any time soon as Dizzee Rascal is still apparently ignoring Wiley.

Now we know you’re probaby bored of this love story, but we kind of feel bad for Wiley. The Rolex rapper told the Guardian

I’ve been wanting to work with him, but how long can I hold out for bro? I’ve been breaking my neck trying to make it happen for years

He’ll say we’re cool, but then another day I’ll wanna go to the Hackney Weekend but I can’t because he’s there and he refused to be where I am

Not cool Dizzee. Though seeing as Wiley has earned himself a mid week no.1 with Heatwave and looks to stay in that spot, maybe he can just forget about Dizzee and look forward to celebrating chart success.