Nicole Scherzinger X Factor Expensive

We all know that being an X Factor  judge has its financial benefits. I mean, earning £750,000 for deciding whether someone can sing or not would have the majority of us laughing all the way to the bank, but not for newly named judge Nicole Scherzinger.

The Right There singer may need to bat her eyelashes a little more to get herself a pay rise form Simon Cowell as it’s been claimed that she will be forking out at least £50,000 a time flying to places like Abu Dhabi and Brazil to see her Formula 1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton during his Grand Prix races between October and December when the X Factor will air live.

Close friends of Nicole told the Sun:

Lewis will sort some flights out for her, but she’s booking some herself and they’re eye-wateringly expensive… If she has any cash left at the end of this I’d be surprised.

It’s also said that Nicole wants to rent a £20,000 a month house in London to ‘escape the madness’ of staying in a hotel. Well if worse comes to worst she could always kip at fellow judge Tulisa’s house, or if that cramps her style we know Premier Inn have some bargain deals!