Sometimes we have to pity celebrities. They have all the fame and money you could wish for, yet all they want is a bit of love.

Well, singer Abel Miller, who featured on K Koke’s Nobody But Us and appeared in 2008’s X Factor, seems to want a relationship at the least when he tweeted:

However, rapper Mz Bratt had a less than favourable opinion of romance and tried to sway him away when she responded:

But Abel insisted:

Mz Bratt was linked with grime artist Griminal in the past, but no one can manage to pin her down to anyone at the moment as she continues to dismiss the idea of a boyfriend due to focusing on her career.

We think Mz Bratt could be a bit more positive! I mean, you’re not exactly releasing hits every month so what exactly is taking up your time love?

Don’t worry Abel, we’re with you on this one! Love is out there!