Alesha Dixon has admitted she found her first series of being a Britain’s Got Talent judge ‘hard’.

The star controversially moved from the BBC to ITV to take up a judging seat next to Simon Cowell, but has revealed that the role was difficult. She told BANG Showbiz:

I found it hard saying no sometimes, but I tried to be true to how I  felt. If I thought there was someone who wasn’t good enough, then… well, you don’t  want to upset people, but I know that feeling, being 18 and trying to get your  break.

Despite this, the former Mis-Teeq star said she can’t wait to be back on the panel next year, explaining:

This year I’ve never felt so patriotic in my whole life. I’ve never had so  many flags up! I was really proud to wave my flag. I cried every day in the  Olympics. We are a country who likes to slag off and moan, but this year, everyone has  gone, ‘You know what, we are lucky and we should celebrate that.

Back over at the Beeb, they are gearing up to launch the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, which Alesha has said she will be looking forward to watching as a viewer.