Ashley Cole Blames Will.iam for Cheryl's Car Crash Injuries

Ashley Cole is said to be unhappy with for the car crash that left former wife (and former nation’s sweetheart and former X Factor presenter, and former chav and former…) Cheryl Cole “shook up”.

Cheryl was in the passenger seat with Will in LA recently, when he crashed into a parked car. went to hospital while Cheryl was left with her arm in a sling, but unfortunately neither were seriously injured.

Ashley was so worried when he found out that he apparently offered to fly out to LA to check his ex-wife was fine. A source told Now! magazine:

It was never going to happen because the football season’s started, but he knew it was an offer she’d appreciate.

Ashley reportedly blames for not being more careful while driving:

He was really worried and he blames Will for putting her in danger. Cheryl replied, reassuring him she’s “fine, but all shook up”. Ash was planning to send her some flowers as soon as she got back to the UK.

Awww. But Ash, you know you can organise for flowers to be sent anywhere in the world don’t you, hun? There’s this thing called the Internet and you can order flowers….