Rapper Azealia Banks has made her fascination with the seaworld no secret, with a mixtape called Fantasea and constantly referring to herself as a mermaid. Alright then.

She is now taking this persona one step further by throwing a fancy dress, under-the-sea themed party at the London Aquarium. Yes the actual London Aquarium, with all the sharks and fishes.

The ball takes place on 13 October, the day after her last UK tour date, and tickets cost £25.

Azealia has already hosted Mermaid Balls in New York and Los Angeles – none of which were held in actual aquariums – complete with performances of her hit songs including Liquorice and 212, and a $1,000 fancy dress competition.

At her LA Mermaid Ball, guests included Swedish pop singer Robyn, Rye Rye and London-based singer Charli XCX (yeah, never heard of them either).

The guests who will join her at the London Aquarium are yet to be revealed.

For the previous balls, her fans donned seashells, green and blue face paints, long wavy coloured wigs, bikinis and fishtails.

And if the rapper’s own outfits at the events are anything to go by, Ms Banks is going to be expecting her UK fans to go all out to win that prize money.