Recently back from a short excursion at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, rapper Giggs seems to be making up for lost time.

Charlie Sloth, in his trademark excited manor, tweeted a photo from Giggs’ comeback video shoot:

Giggs, looking somewhat aged, appears indifferent and calm while Charlie Sloth does his usual high animation.

It’s important that Giggs attacks every song right and show everyone and himself why he is that credible figure for UK Rap.

After the video shoot Giggs went on to tweet this about his current feelings on video shoots,

Roc Nation’s K Koke recently spent some time away and his comeback song done wonders for him, which makes me think Giggs’ return song could do so much powerful things.

And if Charlie Sloth’s behaviour is anything to go by, we are in store for something big from Giggs.