Chelsee Healey’s love of  attention grabbing outfits is no secret. Her fashion sense (or lack of) definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people even got so offended by some of her choices, to the point of calling her names in the street, as we told you back in August.

The Waterloo Road actress has adopted the ‘sticks and stones’ way of thinking, however, and has said that she likes the way she dresses, and isn’t changing for anyone. Speaking to The People she said:

Sometimes I don’t want to stand out because of the stick I get. But then I think,’Why should I not wear what I want because of what other people think?’

We agree that everyone should be allowed to wear what they want. We just wish Chelsee would spare a thought for us victims of her frequent fashion faux pas.

She also revealed that she doesn’t have a stylist, instead taking her mum on her shopping trips. Well, that explains so much…