Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway

Is Cheryl Cole ready to let the world know how she feels about boyfriend Tre Holloway? A tweet from the singer former Mrs Ashley Cole this week suggests so.

Though Chezza didn’t direct the tweet at him specifically, we’ve got a sneaky feeling that’s who she’s talking to. The two have been practically glued at the hip for the past couple of months or so. If sources are correct, then the pair are getting pretty serious already.

Closer magazine were told,

While she’s not about to elope, Cheryl admits she’s daydreaming about weddings and babies. She’d put those hopes on ice when it fell apart with Ashley, but Tre has got her thinking again. Cheryl says they’ve even light-heartedly discussed kids’ names.

Once they start talking babies, you know it’s getting pretty tight. Guessing there’s no chance of a comeback by Ashley Cole then.