Cheryl Cole seems to have made a decision that she wants her new boyfriend, Tre, to meet Ashley Cole.

Although Cheryl Cole divorced Ashley back in 2010 after it was revealed he had cheated on her several times, she has not changed her surname, and apparently has no intention on doing so. Awkward.

Cheryl is still in touch with Ashley, and when she recently had a car crash with Will.I.Am, the Chelsea star reached out to make sure she was okay.

Apparently, Tre Holloway, who is one of Cheryl’s backing dancers, hasn’t kicked up much of a fuss about Cheryl and Ashley’s continuing friendship, but it must be hard for any man to get over the fact that their current girlfriend is close to her ex boyfriend. Especially when he’s as famous as Ashley Cole.

The couple really do look like they’re in love though, and since Cheryl introduced him to her family recently, things must be getting serious.

Let’s just hope that this meeting doesn’t end up with red cards!