Cover Drive’s Jamar has addressed the rumours that he’s dating Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne. On the Mobo nomination red carpet Jamar told Yahoo!:

We are good friends, I’m not denying it but I’m not agreeing to anything either. All I’m saying is it’s nice to have a good friend in London to show you around, being a tourist and all.

Not denying it sound pretty like a confirmation to us! He went on to add:

She’s like my tour guide! She’s a really cool girl and really nice to hang out with.

Yes, what exactly are you ‘touring’? though Jamar?

This may be shaping up to be our favourite celebrity couple of 2012. Jamar did say, however, that the rest of Cover Drive joined them on one of their dates:

We all went to the park the other day… that was nice.

Hmmm, maybe leave the bandmates at home next time Jamar?