Danny Welbeck Fights £5 Extra Fine Charge

Danny Welbeck (left) who fought an extra £5 charge on his fine

You’d think earning £75,000 a week would mean that you wouldn’t miss the occasional five quid here and there.

That’s not the case where Danny Welbeck is concerned though. The footballer seems to take the saying ‘every little helps’ a bit too literally.

The Manchester United player was caught speeding back in November, doing 82mph in a 50 zone. But rather than be thankful he got off lightly with a fine, the player showed he’s a bit on the cheap side by taking it to court, because they fined him £5 too much.

He won the case, but now has £10,000 a day lawyers fees, and £365 in costs to pay, as well as getting 3 points on his licence.

Now, I’m no mathematical genius, but that sounds a lot more than £5 to us. Oh dear Danny, it doesn’t pay to be a Grinch does it?