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With his new single Ying & Yang set to release very soon, Dappy could do with a bit of a buzz around his name again. Perfect time for an interview with lots of name dropping and sending. Lovely.

In a recent six-minute interview published by RWD, Dappy spoke of his feelings about his cousin Tulisa’s sex tape, an N-Dubz reunion, and his thoughts on Scorcher and Lethal Bizzle.

Dappy began by speaking about his beef with Scorcher (whom he calls a ‘plonker’). He explains:

All I said is he can’t walk through his hood with his chain on, cos he can’t. He’s a mutt. I been told this by real people from his ends.

Nice one Dapps. Thanks for clearing that up. Dappy goes on to say that Lethal Bizzle is a ‘bedroom MC’ who’s ‘not on my level.’ Ouch.

But no, that is not all. He discredited Lethal Bizzle even more by saying

He can’t sing. He can’t Rap. He can’t make Music.

I have to admit, Dappy’s IDGAF attitude is extremely refreshing, you can always rely on him to just come out and say it how it is… or how he thinks it is anyway.

Putting aside all the negativity, Dappy also spoke about an N-Dubz reunion in the future, which was apparently suggested by Tulisa. He also seems to have plans for a Christmas single, which hasn’t been written yet, but he seemed sure it would be a Top 5 hit.

That’s something we’ll definitely look forward to hearing, as well as the reactions to this interview from those mentioned.