He’s not exactly known for his amazing dance moves, but don’t be surprised if you see Dappy on Strictly Come Dancing one day.

The outspoken rapper reckons he could be good on the BBC One show and told We Love Pop Magazine:

I would love to go on Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve got good rhythm, of course.

He also took the opportunity to let everyone know he’s not jealous of his cousin Tulisa.

I’ve never, ever been jealous of Tulisa, because we do completely different things. I’m too down to earth and too humble to have a grudge over my cousin who is a female.

Female. Hmmm…

Funny that Dappy and Tulisa both seem to feel the need to tell anyone who will listen, that they’re cool with one another.

I’m fully in support of Dappy making an appearance on the show. All I’ve ever seen him do is move his fingers about while shouting ‘na na naii’ though, but who knows, maybe he is a good mover. Either way, that’s guaranteed comedy for the show.

Having said that, I wonder what Labrinth would say about it… I mean, X Factor, Strictly… How different are they?