Uh oh, looks like Dappy’s management are not fans of his outspoken nature, and it’s landed him in trouble. Like a naughty schoolboy, Dappy apparently no longer has access to his Twitter account.

Speaking to Digital Spy he says

I don’t have my password for Twitter anymore. Management have took it off me. So yeah, you know, I’ve gotta be just normal for now, keep the focus about the music.

Dappy being normal and well behaved? I don’t see that lasting very long.

He hopes now he won’t have the chance to get into more Twitter fights, that it will help his career

It’s unbelievable because radio never accepted me because of the controversial behaviour – the spontaneous me obviously being silly, but it’s gone straight in at number 12 [on iTunes] without radio play. Hopefully they’ll play it now and it goes top five.

Does this mean we don’t get any more episodes of Dappy vs Tulisa Twitter beef? Boo.