Darren Bent's cousin Richard Bent in Scotland yard anti-curruption probe

(left) Darren Bent (right) Richard Bent

It looks like Aston Villa and England striker Darren Bent’s twisted necro-thief cousin is due to be set straight.

PC Richard Bent, 28, was accused of stealing money and belongings from dead victims of crime and after the police probed Darren, who had some of the items in his possession, it was revealed that they were given as gifts from the officer.

Richard, who has been nicknamed Bent Dick by the press, will now appear at Westminster Magistrates Court next week for his crimes that were allegedly committed on 14 July.

Evidently, these people were worth more to him dead than alive. Sorry.

Then hocking off the goods to your family?… Really?! Here’s hoping the judge doesn’t go easy if the bent cop is found guilty.