Mario Balotelli may have a a whole new baby mama drama case to deal with.

Jenny Thompson, with whom the footballer once had a fling, is pregnant – and apparently she’s not too sure who the daddy is.

The footballer met Jenny, who is from Manchester and started working as a £1,200 a night escort at the age of 19, back in 2010 and had an affair with her while still seeing his ex Rafaella Fico.

It’s said that a possible FIVE different men could be the dad, one of which is the Manchester City and Italy striker. Sounds like an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

23 year old Jenny apparently told the Sun

Quite a few men will be trying to work out if it is them.

She also said the thought made her laugh. Erm, pretty sure this won’t be one of the few occasions we see Mario laughing.

However, Mario may be off the hook, as Jenny tweeted:

Jenny once said Balotelli was one of her ‘top 10 lovers’. He’s probably happy he’s not adding ‘dad’ to the titles he’s got to remember their affair by.

Wonder what his pregnant ex girlfriend Rafaella Fico has to say about all this