By the time you read this thousands of people across the UK will already have their hands on the new iPhone 5.

We spoke to the Apple store in Regent street at 2pm yesterday and they confirmed that ten people had been queuing outside their store since 17 September! Jeez, standing in line for four days in counting; you’d think they didn’t have day jobs to see to!

We also have confirmation from the Apple store in Covent Garden that the line outside had built up to 25 people as of 2pm yesterday. When asked if they have received any special training to keep things under control at the launch, the shop assistant on the phone replied

I can’t divulge that information

We take it they really are going all out this year. And not just in terms of the iPhone itself!

Westfield have put some rules in place to avoid crowds; they will not be allowing people to wait inside the shopping centre overnight to get first chance at the iPhone release.

However, people were allowed and had been queuing up outside Westfield until their doors opened this morning. There’s no raining on their parade!

And its not just London folk that are iPhone 5 crazy.

The Apple store in New York was surrounded by a crowd yesterday

The Apple store Tokyo were taking precautionary measures in preparation for the chaos!

A few celebrities have been tweeting their anticipation to the release also

Rapper Jme has frequently expressed his love and loyalty to apple over twitter and is eagerly awaiting to get his hands on the latest!

We went down to the Apple Stores in Regent Street and Covent Garden to ask people why they felt the need to give up their days and nights for a new phone. What we found very curious was that practically none of the people in the queues were white British. There were a few black and Asian British guys but everybody else was from abroad.

At Regent Street we met Greeks, Nepalese, Russians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Sri Lanakans and so many other nationalities. There were white and Asian women, but there wasn’t a single black woman when we were there. It would be interesting to find out why this is.

Another curiosity was that at Covent Garden, the entire queue was almost exclusively made up of south Asian men, of all ages. Some were clearly in their sixties and we couldn’t help but conclude that they were there to buy them to sell in their businesses. Maybe that’s an unfair assumption, forgive us.

Meet some of the people lining up last night below.

Simeon, an Electrician from Croydon, was queuing for the first time. He loves Apple products, especially the iPhone 5 and couldn’t wait to get his hands on a new 16GB iPhone 5.

When I asked why he wasn’t going for the 64GB version her replied that it was excessive, he didn’t need that. So there is some measure of rationale, then! He had just arrived in the queue at Regents Street at around 9.30pm

These three young men were also queuing for the first time and were going to trade in their Android and BlackBerry handsets.

(l-r) Subha, Alex and Nasiba

It was Nepalese Subha’s third time waiting for an Apple product. He had previously queued for the iPhone 4 and the iPad. He is buying a 64GB version and will cancel his contract with Three to move to Everything Everywhere so he can use 4G when it is available.

Russian Alex was queuing for the first time and also wants a 64GB “of course.” He will move from O2 to Everything Everywhere.

And Nasiba from Uzbekistan is in line for the third time after previously camping for the iPhone 4 and the New Ipad. She is already on Orange so doesn’t need to move for 4G and she is also getting the 64GB.

Ibrahim from Richmond has queued for EVERY major iPhone launch and gets them to sell on. He already has two confirmed buyers willing to pay £1,400 each for the two 64GB iPhones he will buy.

He is in the queue with 15 of his friends who are all doing the same thing. He doesn’t use the iPhone himself as he prefers the Android based Motorola Razr.

Emmanuel and Ayo, both from Lagos, are buying iPhones from the Apple Store in Covent Garden. They will be shipping them home to Nigeria where they already have confirmed buyers willing to pay them “a ridiculous sum” for them.

By now, all of these people will already have bought their new iPhone 5’s.

What do you think of this phenomenon?