While most artists jump at the chance of making music with their peers, Example has revealed that he would rather work alone.

Despite hit collaborations with Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris, the 30-year-old told Digital Spy:

I don’t really like working with other artists. If I’m writing a song it has got to be my song on my terms. Unless it’s an artist I really respect who I think can write themselves, I don’t really want to get into the studio with anyone. I’d rather just make songs and then sell them to people.

Well, at least he’s honest. Example also revealed that he is in no rush to break the American market, despite signing a US deal with Mercury and Universal earlier this year. He added:

There’s two reasons why it hasn’t [taken off in America]; the first is that Changed The Way You Kiss Me is too hard EDM [electronic dance music] and trendy to work on the pop stations and maybe too poppy to work on the hard dance stations.

I think stuff off my last album may have been deemed too niche. In the UK it’s pop music, but in America it’s still quite edgy. I’m not going to start touring and spending shit loads of money in America until there’s a real interest there.

I don’t really care if it works there or not.

If you’re looking for one of the most unconventional artists in the industry right now, then it is safe to say Example is a strong contender.