fazer n dubz

It’s definitely starting to look like Fazer was the real star of N-Dubz. Yeah, we said it.

The often neglected band member has quietly been making major waves in the music industry. From starting his own production company, to recording tracks for Rihanna, the rapper is now planning to find his very own urban orchestra.

Speaking exclusively to Pappzd Magazine at the MOBO nominations on Monday night, Fazer explained that he’s hoping to achieve world domination and is going to start this venture by going on the hunt for an urban orchestra as part of a new television show that will be airing in 2013.

He said:

I want to turn the heads of everybody. I’m going to do stuff with live orchestras… I’ve got a TV programme coming next year, where I find my own urban orchestra. Everything is on the cards for Fazer right now, I’m really excited.

We have to admit, it makes a refreshing change from the self promotion tactics of his fellow band mates.

And it sounds like spending some time away from the drama of Dappy and Tulisa has been just what the 25-year-old needed in order to establish himself as a serious solo recording artist.

He continued:

I’ve turned up on my own, going everywhere on my own and doing interviews and promo stuff, I’m used to it now.

I actually am enjoying it a lot, because you know what – a lot of people from the outside eye that weren’t core fans of N-Dubz might have thought Fazer was just a guy that does an eight bar rap at the end of a N-Dubz record, but for me right now I can really document what I’m about as an all round musician.

I play drums, I play piano, I produce all my own music, I write all my own music, so basically I’m self sufficient. My whole album is going to be a complete and entire body of work done by myself.

And he’s done it all without a diss track or sex tape. Excuse us while we go and print ‘Team Fazer’ on our T-shirts…