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George the Poet makes a pretty convincing hotel porter as he appears in the new trailer for Naughty Boy’s upcoming album, Hotel Cabana.

Not content with announcing the release of their latest albums via a simple tweet or blog post, artists these days are starting to get a bit more fancy with their promo and are now directing their own short trailers to build the anticipation.

George the Poet takes us on a tour of a fictional hotel in the trailer in which Naughty Boy lets George do all the talking, while he keeps his identity hidden (almost like The Architect in The Matrix films) and sits watching television screens displaying artists who appear on the album, including Professor Green, Tinie Tempah and Emeli Sande.

Speaking about Hotel Cabana, Naughty Boy explains:

I want it to be an album for our time; it has a concept to it, so it’s more like a film in some respects. I view it like I’m not just a producer – I’m a director too.

We have to admit, the concept is intriguing and by the end of the trailer George the Poet nearly has us hypnotised into thinking a film is about to come on next.

Hotel Cabana is set for release in March 2013.