When most people need to be carried through an international airport they get given those buggy cart thingys.

But, when you are hip hop royalty, the king, for that matter and your name’s Jay-Z, well then you get a much more personal treatment.

Not being bothered to do any more walking ahead of a relaxing first class flight Jay-Z showed us the true benefits of a life of hard work as he got a lift from staff at Heathrow airport yesterday.

The star had his arms around two very excited looking British Airways staff as he walked through the airport. At some points he was seen swinging his legs as the staff helped him along.

Doesn’t look like they minded much either, the woman especially looks more than happy to have Jay-Z’s arm around her. She must have felt like Beyonce and, for just that very moment, her life is complete.

I’d be exhausted too if I’d had the kind of weekend he had. The 42-year-old performed at the Paralympic ceremony, and partied the night away at the Arts Club after. I’ve never had BA offer me this service though. It’s good for some isn’t it?