I know we girls are usually incredibly over protective when it comes to our hair. Jessie J doesn’t care though, in fact she’s getting rid of it all.

The Voice judge is feeling extremely charitable. The singer revealed on Twitter that she will be shaving her head to raise money for Comic Relief in March next year.

True, she did say it. We wrote a post about it or two. Now we’re getting worried this is going to be an annual stunt.

In fact, she seems more excited about trending on Twitter than the prospect of being without hair…

It’s always good to see celebs doing their bit for charity and giving back. Not sure I’d have the guts to do something so drastic though, so good on Jessie!

We hope she raises a lot of money for Comic Relief. I know I’m going to make sure I have a front row seat in front of my TV to see this!

Erm… and of course I’ll donate!