A Trey Songz and Jessie J collaboration could very well be on the horizon. The US singer has revealed he’s a fan, and had nothing but good things to say about Jessie when he spoke to Capital FM recently. He told the radio station,

 I love Jessie J’s voice. I wanna work with her very soon. Her voice is so phenomenal and she’s funny as hell too. I don’t think people know how hilarious she is. She’s great. I look forward to working with her.

Just in case she didn’t get the point by then, he went on to make an open call to the singer,

Jessie, what’s up baby. I’m here – I’m in your town. Holla at your boy, what’s going down – let’s make a record.

I think we’ve all got the point now Trey, you like Jessie J. Calling her voice phenomenal might be pushing it a bit I reckon. He also went on a bit too much about how ‘great’ she is.

Is it possible that Mr Trey Songz might have a little crush on Jessie J?