It seems like Jessie J has been promoting her debut album Who You Are for a million years, however at the iTunes festival in London on Saturday, the singer announced the era had come to an end.

Jessie has been promoting and pushing material from her album for about 18 months, but last night she told the audience this would be last time she’d support the album as she’s set to start recording it’s follow-up.

She performed some of her own hits at the event, including a cover of Usher’s smooth R&B smash, Climax.

Our eyes will certainly be wide-open for Jessie’s second studio album as – since her debut on the scene – the singer has often received criticism for being a mash-up of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga thrown in a blender. From similar wigs, outfits and stage presence she’s had difficulty finding her own lane.

Maybe her second album will help her find her own identity and she’ll have enough time to regain some inspiration and produce a quality album to ensure she doesn’t receive constant copycat claims!