The day has finally arrived. The day all Apple nerds have eagerly been waiting for, including Aston, Oritse, JB and Marvin of JLS.

The boys were spotted earlier on Oxford Street in the queue for iPhone 5’s at Carphone Warehouse.

They blended in pretty well with everyone else, holding on tightly to their coffees, trying to keep themselves warm, and probably awake, as they had been queueing from about 7.00am, just like everyone else. Yeah, right!

As the morning went on, and the queue grew longer, Aston decided to bring a little bit of energy to the crowd, showing off his backflips (once again) to entertain everyone, while everyone whipped out their phones to record and take photos. As much as I love the boys, Aston really needs to find a new party trick.

All four boys managed to get their hands on the iPhone 5 earlier today and seemed pretty pleased with themselves. JB couldn’t even wait to get home to show off his handset, he took it out as soon as they left the store, whereas Marvin took to Twitter to share the good news.

Oritse posted a picture of himself posing with Apples latest creation just to make us all jealous.

KMT! Life’s not fair!