Oh dear. Remember all that tension between former X Factor judge Kelly Rowland and Tulisa on last year’s X Factor?  Well, not much has changed.

For those who don’t remember, Tulisa made outlandish remarks about Misha B (who was mentored by Kelly) claiming she had bullied one of Tulisa’s own acts and things turned sour throughout the series thereafter.

Since the departure of Miss Rowland form the ITV series, the two have claimed to have no tension between one another. However Tulisa has re-ignited rumours that this is not the case.

In a new interview the former N-Dubz front woman claims that the last time the two saw each other in an LA nightclub, she was completely dissed:

A few months after the series finished, I was in a nightclub in Los Angeles when I spotted Kelly talking with a friend, so I went over to say hello

Tulisa claims she politely said hi to the singer and simply asked how Rowland was doing and Kelly had replied:

Oh, hey, boo-boo, how are you? Just give me one second

The R&B singer then held up her finger, implying that Tulisa should wait for a response. Tulisa then went on to say:

Then she turned away and continued chatting with her friend but she never turned back or even acknowledged me once for the entire rest of the evening.

Ouch. Given Kelly Rowland’s fiery attitude during her time as an X Factor judge, she certainly doesn’t seem like the one to mess with.

It’s strange that Tulisa would bring this up if she claims this was shortly after the series had finished, which was last year? Why bring it up now when this current year is about to end?

I would have definitely paid to see this televised!