Labrinth has revealed his bitterness at being beaten to the top of the album charts by Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

The star was pleased with the reaction he received from his debut album Electronic Earth but is disappointed that Nicki beat him because he  “didn’t respect the album.”

He told the PA:

I was disappointed, really, I lost to Nicki Minaj, which wasn’t so bad, she’s a mega artist, but I didn’t like her album. If I’d respected the album that beat me, then I would’ve been happier.

But he added:

I worked so hard to come out of   the studio, stop being a producer and get people to see me as an artist, so to get that kind of love was amazing.

Sooooo, chances are Lab doesn’t hit the dance floor when Starships is played then? Just us?