Labrinth has revealed that he wants his own fashion range.

The singer/ producer says that fashion is a big part of his life and according to him, he knows all the right people that would be able to help him. Well that’s lucky. The Earthquake hitmaker told BANG Showbiz:

I would love to get involved in fashion and pull something like a line together. I feel like I have very good ideas for clothes and very good styling and there’s people around me that could help me put it together.

Labrinth also revealed that he isn’t that impressed by designer labels and just wears the clothes he thinks look good. He continued:

I don’t get very much into names, usually people have to tell me what I’m wearing and I’m all about putting things together. Luckily I have stylists that know it from top to bottom but I really enjoy fashion.

He also told how he met one of fashion’s biggest icons,

Not too long ago I went to Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion show which was amazing and I met him as well, he was such a cool guy. I love him, he was so stuck up. I don’t get star-struck by fashion designers but I do enjoy their attitude – the kind of way everybody kisses their feet – they’re like gods in their environment but it was really nice to meet him.

Well if  Lab can get Karl Lagerfeld onboard then we’re sure his label will be a success. Now just to think of a name…