Despite being signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco, singer Labrinth has been less than kind when it comes to talking about his boss’ show The X Factor.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Labrinth is claiming that he has been forced to perform his single on the show – and he’s less than happy about it.

I’ve been forced… I think artists who take their craft really seriously don’t go on it.

Hmm, probably not what Starboy Nathan would say, who’s audition was screened on TV this weekend. But surely, there’s nothing wrong with performing on X Factor is there?

Labrinth has previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent

However, it is not the first time Labrinth has been caught slating the talent show. When he was asked by The Metro if he’d ever join the show as a judge he said,

What do you think I should do? For me, I think it’s absolute s**t.


He has since addressed the comment on Twitter saying that the newspaper took his words out of context. He was also recently asked again by BANG Showbiz if he would ever join the show as a judge to which he replied,

X Factor does what it does and I don’t think it needs people like me. Imagine Plan B being on X Factor he’d be like, ‘That was s**t mate.’ That’s what I see him doing!

Okay Labrinth, no need to rub it in. On the other hand, he’s assured everyone that he does not hate X Factor. Instead he says,

I’m just being honest about the way it works.

Well, there’s honesty and then there’s borderline rudeness. After all, it is your boss’ show. At least pretend to like it.