Actress/rapper Paige ‘Paigey Cakey’ Meade and Lady Leshurr seem to have formed a life-long friendship over the past few months. Or so they appear on Twitter.

The two tend to have frequent banter throughout the day on the social network site and yesterday Paige took the time out to express thanks to Lady Leshurr for guiding her through the music industry.

Woah! Now, we rate Leshurr just like anybody else, but hold on a minute! Lady Leshurr only stepped up on to the music scene around a year ago herself (she’s been nominated for Best Newcomer at this year’s MOBO Awards), and is still trying to carve her own name in stone – so we’re curious to learn what she could possibly be schooling anyone else.

Leshurr may have schooled Paigey on music but looks like Cakey might need Professor Green’s help with that spelling!