Leomie Anderson and Harry Uzoka

Leomie Anderson is raging.  The top model has launched a tirade and has threatened to induce some pain into someone’s life.

Okay, so I doubt she really is about to bring out the karate today but someone has definitely got into her bad books.

The model, who is busy working at the London Fashion Weekender, expressed her fury (and slight territorial jealousy) on Twitter, as who we can only assume is a fellow model, tried to catch her man’s (fellow Brit top model Harry Uzoka) eye.

Scary much! I’m guessing Leomie don’t play when it comes to her Harry! We don’t blame her, look at him! And besides we’ve met him, he’s such a true gent. In fact, Leomie and Harry are definitely our fave celeb couple!

Leomie, just tell us who she be and we’ll take care of it. Pappzd got your back! *removes earrings and heels*