The One Direction cougar-slayer-machine just keeps on murking these desperate celebs. And the latest willing victim is apparently Leona Lewis.

The singer is said to have started dating Liam Payne.

Teenager Liam only announced his break up from his ex girlfriend last week, but he’s already moved on very quickly. A source told the Sunday Mirror

As soon as the chance came to ask her out he grabbed it – and they really enjoyed their dates together. Although they were in London they managed to stay out of the limelight and are really into each other.

Liam has made no secret of the fact he’s got a crush on Leona. Last year he said in an interview that Leona was beautiful, and he’d always liked her. That probably didn’t go down well with his girl at the time, Danielle Peazer.

At 27, Leona is 8 years older than Liam, but I think we all know by now, age ain’t nothing but a number to the 1D boys.