Bad boy footballer Mario Balotelli and his baby mama Raffaella Fico are getting back together. He dumped her back in April, and the two had quite a nasty break up with lots of name calling. It looks like all is forgiven though.

In a statement released by the Manchester City player he says

I have decided to try again with Raffaella. The DNA test has not been performed and has nothing to do with my decision. In any case, I would’ve asked for the test in that situation with anyone, not just Raffaella. I am sorry for everything that has happened over the last few months and above all for what has been said and written

He asked politely for the public to butt out of their business, adding

I ask once again for you all to respect our private life that in future must remain private, a pledge taken by me and Raffaella.

Kind of hard to do that though, when the couple do things like argue on doorsteps for everyone to see.

Pretty much the whole world knows about Mario’s cheating, and after his recent drama with escort Jenny Thompson, its quite surprising that Raffaella’s got back together with him.

I’m sure he’s promised to be a good boy. That’s something I’ll have to see before I believe it though