As the latest series of the show we all love to hate came to an end, our favourite love-cheat MC Harvey didn’t do too badly, being the first evictee on the final night of Celebrity Big Brother.

Fortunately, for him, Harvey managed to successfully undo some of the negative ‘love rat’ reputation he had so purposefully cultivated before entering the house, turning it instead into a less offensive, slightly likeable cheeky one. His PR people must be popping champs and hi-fiving one another to endless whoops of ‘mission accomplished!’

However, if I’m honest, I’m slightly gutted Harvey didn’t speak about his alleged relationship with Cheryl Cole, but who can blame him? Her lawyers probably gave him a warning so solid that it must have been ringing in his ears like ‘oh no!’ Yep, that’s the word!

Anyway, now Harvey’s left the Big Brother house and gained a good bit of publicity, can we expect a musical comeback from MC Harvey?

Perhaps, the whole of So Solid (or what’s left of them) might decide to regroup and create a few more hits for us in 2K13.