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It’s good to hear that former X Factor finalist/diva Misha B has come out with a new song to delight her waiting admirers.

Misha, 20, has barely occupied the press column inches since her spell on the talent show other than releasing her debut single ‘Home Run’ back in July to mixed reviews.

Now she’s back again with a freshly produced song for preview on YouTube and full release date due on October 28.

Speaking during an interview with Choice FM, the Mancunian expressed her delight with the project:

I really, really loved working on ‘Do You Think Of Me, it’s one of those songs where everyone will take away something different from it.

I have an emotional connection to the song – it has a very special meaning for me, which I hope comes across in the lyrics and the vocals. I’m SO excited for everyone to hear it!

N’aww! We’re excited to hear it too. Vevo time!