Ohh, Tanya Lacey. Well, where do we start?

She’s not alone in rocking the dip-dye hair look and others have managed to pull off the pink hair with red lipstick look before, but something about this just seems too harsh on her. Especially against her soft mint green and lilac outfit, it makes little sense.

And then the shoes. Oh gosh the shoes. Heeled bedroom slippers or…?

And why the Smurf blue colour? There’s already enough clashing colours going on in this outfit. One more wasn’t needed.

She wasn’t the only one who embraced the furry look either, with Cleo Sol bringing along a fluffy pink scarf. Maybe the girls are getting ready for the colder months. Also, something tells me that the vest is made out of fleece, but don’t let me get started on how ill-fitting it is.